Socrata Client Enablement 
Overview of Available Resources

Socrata offers a number of self-service tools, consultative services, and reference materials to enable you and your team for anything that comes your way.
One of our core focuses is on fully enabling you to manage your solutions, grow your data accessibility program, and achieve your data-driven goals using Socrata. The resources and important links below will ensure you know who to contact, where to go, and how to stay informed!
It all starts with a simple question – what are you trying to do?

Become A Socrata Expert

Client Center
Review our library of written education materials to find instant answers. Use the search bar or choose a topic tile and select the appropriate article.
How-to Videos
Learn how to use the Socrata platform in 60 seconds or less. Select the video that addresses a specific topic or watch them all.
Education Portal
Socrata Education curriculum is designed to ensure your entire team gets the most from your technology investment. Socrata Education offers in-depth, instructor led, and on-demand content to help you maximize your organization's Socrata solution. Access to the Socrata Education Portal is available only to CDC employees and their partners. Learn more here.
Coaching Overview
Learn more about coaching and how Socrata can help transfer product knowledge to your real-world applications and challenges. You and your coach will partner on a set of questions, issues, or technical roadblocks in each coaching session to keep you on the path to success. Access to coaching is available only to CDC employees and their partners.
Coaching Session Request
Need help figuring out the most suitable option(s) based on your unique situation? Reach out to to schedule a coaching session.
Socrata Data Academy
Government leaders and employees can learn the strategies, tools, and skills needed to make public institutions smarter and more effective. We deliver on-site data analytics trainings and workshops so that you can empower governments’ most valuable resource: its people. We offer a two-day data specialist training and a half-day analytics accelerator workshop.
Developer Resources
Extensive documentation specifically for app developers and data publishers who wish to programmatically access data leveraging available API documentation, libraries, and SDKs
Transform Library
Data transforms are written SoQL expressions that allow the platform to transform and validate incoming data. This library is a list of the transformation functions available in the Socrata Data Management API.
Communities of Practice
Join leaders at the state, local, and federal level to share data-driven approaches for improving outcomes for governments and the communities they serve. Everyone attending receives hands-on training on the latest features from Socrata and an opportunity to provide feedback on the design of new products. Contact your client success manager or account executive to get started.
General Questions
Have a general question about any of the above resources? Send an email to your client success manager or account executive and we will find an answer.

Get Support for an Issue with Socrata

Report a Bug
Spot a bug or product issue we need to fix? Take a look at Known Issues (see below) and if you do not see it there, let us know by emailing
Known Issues
Want to see what bugs/issues we are already aware of and working hard to fix? Visit this site to keep up with all known issues.
Product Feature Requests
If you have an idea for a new feature that will support the ways you would like to use the platform, you can submit it for evaluation. Your suggestions are critical for ensuring our products are supporting your organization and the work you are trying to accomplish.
Support Policy
This article describes the policies that govern the Socrata user support programs. It defines the user support programs, service level agreements and their coverage levels, priorities, and response times. Should you require further information, please contact your Socrata client success manager or account executive.

Keep Up with Product Updates and News

Keeping Up Overview
Here you can find an overview of many of the ways to keep up with product news and updates. Great place to get a high-level overview.
Product Updates
This section of our Knowledge Base is used by our product development team to communicate recent and upcoming changes to the platform. We STRONGLY recommend that you “follow” this section to automatically receive email updates when an article is added. Simply click the "Follow" button to the right-hand side of this article while logged into your Socrata account. Additionally, new release notes will trigger a notification when you log in to your site.
System Status
In the unlikely event a Socrata system becomes unavailable, you can be automatically notified. To view the current Socrata status report, historical system status, and to subscribe to Socrata status alerts, simply follow the steps on this page.
Deprecation Roadmap
This article provides a longer-term view of upcoming changes to the platform, specifically the features that will not be supported or have changed.
Monthly Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter delivers essential news, client success stories, product announcements, and resources to support digital government innovation.
User Conferences
Find out which events are upcoming that involve your fellow government data champions, including our largest annual user conference, Tyler Connect.
All the information you need to stay up-to-date on industry trends, data news, Socrata success stories, and more. Use the search box or filters to quickly find what you seek.
Social Media
Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest and find ways for us to highlight your success!
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Share Your Success

Become a Reference Client
Had a good experience you want to evangelize? Share your story with prospective Socrata users. Email your client success manager or account manager to get started.
Open Data Network
Publish and share data, find and build off of new data, and answer questions. The Open Data Network links members to high-value public information and provides a platform for networking, discussion, and contributing to the cause of making data more accessible and usable.
Make Headlines
Share your organization's success in a Socrata case study or blog post. Email your client success manager or account manager to get started.
Social Media Love
Share your success quickly and to a wide audience with our Socrata social channels. Publish your own social media post and reach out to your client success manager or account manager to amplify it with Socrata.
Product User Group
Become part of a subset of our larger client base to provide the Socrata product management team with constructive input, feedback, and overall recommendations on the direction of the products. Memberships are for one year and are issued to people, not organizations. Email your client success manager or account executive if you're interested.